1. Affiliation with the Scholastic Pistol Program.

In order to have a framework and “league” for the pistol team, and a national forum to in which to compete, we think it is best to affiliate with the Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP) which is under the oversight of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

  1. Objectives of pistol team are in alignment with goals, mission, and purpose of the SPP.

The basic mission and purpose of the NOAH program, is to:
a. Provide an opportunity for students to gain experience, competence, and respect for
firearms through pistol shooting and competition.
b. Develop life skills and character through shooting sports competition.
c. Develop a competitive pistol shooting team through regular training, practices, and competitions.
d. Develop an appreciation for the Constitutional Rights enumerated in the US Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment.

3.  Program Summary/Framework
The NOAH team will participate as part of the Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP).  The basic elements of the NOAH program will be the following:

Training – Basic training in the use of the pistol, including firearms safety, handling, and specific techniques for pistol shooting.

Practices – Weekly practices during November through July.
(Shooters should make at least half of the practices during the fall and early spring.  Need to be more consistent beginning in March)

Competitions – Monthly local competitions to allow the shooters to compete in regular competitions during the year.  These could be at various locations – TGC, US Shooting Academy, or Alpha Training in Pryor, Oklahoma.

There may be additional shoots that are part of the SPP – possibly a regional competition in the Spring. Possibly other competitions yet to be identified.

State SPP Competition – Compete in the Oklahoma State SPP competition in Tulsa during June.

National Competition – Compete in SPP National Team Championships in Sparta, Illinois – July (Team Competition).

4. Requirements for Shooters.  Minimum requirements for shooters are as follows:

a. Shooters must be capable of following instructions and complying with range safety rules.
b. All shooters must have eye and ear protection.  A hat is recommended to keep sun out of eyes.
c. It is preferable that shooters have their own pistol, but one loaner semi-automatic may be available for use by beginning shooters. Firearms must be in good repair and capable of safe operation.  Coaches can assist in determining this.  If a prospective shooter does not have a pistol, we would recommend that you discuss with the coaches fit, caliber, weight can affect shooters success and should be considered when purchasing a pistol.
d. No open toed shoes for practice or shoots (SPP rule).
e. Shooters will be encouraged to make as many practices as possible, but attendance every Saturday is not mandatory to be on the team.  We will not likely have team practices during holidays.
f. Costs for shooters are summarized in the table below.    The NOAH fee is approximate and is for administrative costs.  Ammo and target costs will depend on how much the shooter practices, but the number below is a good estimate.

  • Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP) Membership – $20 – Annual; paid by participant
  • NOAH Fee (not required if part of skeet team) – Approximately $35 (includes team shirt and hat) – Annual; paid by participant
  • Tulsa Gun Club Membership – $35 for individual student shooters; $166 per year for families – Annual; paid by participant
  • Ammo for Practices – $10 – Paid by participant; may get NRA grant in Spring 2015 to help defray  costs
  • Local Competitions – ~$20  per competition per shooter (Entry fee/ 100 rounds) – Paid by participant (or possibly sponsor or grant)
  • State Shoot – ~$20 per shooter ( entry fee plus 100 rounds) – Paid by participant (or possibly sponsor or grant)
  • National Shoot (Optional) – ~$35 per shooter plus ~300 rounds.  Also, members must pay travel, lodging and food. – Paid by participant; ammo may be provided by NRA grant.
  • Pistol – Variable; $300 – $500; – Paid by participant
Team Organization

Position – Training/Qualifications – Duties

  • Athletic  Director – Familiarity with shooting sports and shooting organizations; best to have some shooting certification.  Approval by NOAH Board. – Interface with NOAH Board; monthly report; monitor activities to ensure within 401c3 guidelines; ensure grant applications completed
  • Head Coach – NRA RSO, NRA Pistol or other certifications allowed by SPP (e.g. NSCA, 4-H); SPP Double Gold Coach Course; familiarity with shooting sports; Background check by SPP and/or NOAH; Approval by NOAH Board. – Schedule and oversee training, practices and competitions; maintain loaner firearms and grant or donated ammo.
  • Assistant Coach(es) – NRA Pistol Certification or other Pistol Certification; SPP Double Gold Coach Course; familiarity with shooting sports; Background check by SPP and/or NOAH; Approval by NOAH Board. – Assist with training, practices, and competitions.  Maintain inventory of grant or sponsor ammo.
  • Team Coordinator – NOAH Parent – Assist with grant applications; procure team T shirts; collect paperwork and fees; assist with fundraising and coordination.