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Why Shooting Sports? 

What are the benefits of shooting sports and why should a young person engage in shooting sports?

  1. Shooting sports develop an ability to safely and properly handle firearms.  Firearm safety is constantly promoted and integrated into practice and events.
  2. Shooting sports teach young people to respect but not fear firearms.  Firearms are a tool that has many benefits if handled properly.  Firearms are part of the 2nd Amendment rights of American Citizens and useful hunting, self-defense, law enforcement and military professions.
  3. Shooting sports teach responsibility.  Firearms are fun, but they can also injure and kill if handles improperly (as can other tools, like cars).  Handling a firearm properly teaches responsibility.
  4. Shooting sports enhance mental focus.  Both clay target and pistol shooting require mental focus and concentration to compete well.
  5. Shooting sports incorporate courtesy and fair play during practice and competition events.  Most shooting sports competitors show courtesy and encouragement to their team mates, coaches, and referees.
  6. Shooting sports teach an appreciation for the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and help young people understand and appreciate the wonderful privilege that the 2nd Amendment affords Americans.
  7.  Shooting sports are fun.

NOAH Shooting Team Objectives

In alignment with the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP) mission and purpose (see appendix below), the basic mission and purpose of the NOAH program, is to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for students to gain experience, competence, and respect for firearms
    through the use of shotgun shooting in the game of skeet.
  2. Develop life skills and character through shooting sports competition.
  3. Develop competitive skeet and pistol shooting teams through regular training, practices, and competitions.
  4. Help young people gain an appreciation for the privilege the 2nd Amendment provides Americans.

For details on our Skeet and Pistol Teams, please see the individual tabs above for those disciplines.

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Skeet and Pistol Practices

Saturday, Nov 12
Initial practice for RETURNING PISTOL SHOOTERS at USSA at 9 AM. We will start with getting all of the paperwork and fees completed then spend some time on the field reviewing safety and fundamentals. NEW SHOOTERS are welcome to attend and observe, but we will have a new shooter sign up later.
Saturday, Nov 19
Initial practice for RETURNING SHOTGUN SHOOTERS at TGC at 9 AM. We will start with getting all of the
paperwork and fees completed then spend some time on the field reviewing safety and fundamentals.
NEW SHOOTERS are welcome to attend and observe, but we will have a new shooter sign up later.
Saturday, Nov 26 (Sat after Thanksgiving)
NEW SHOOTERS with some experience are welcome to come to this practice.
Saturday, Dec 3
Practice and sign up for NEW SHOOTERS
This will be some initial instruction and shooting for new shooters with no experience who are interested 
in joining the team. New shooters will have 2 weeks to decide whether they want to join the team, after
which we will ask for paperwork and fees.

Annual NOAH Athletic Physicals Night

NOAH Jaguar Athletic Community,

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Thursday, Aug. 3th, 2017 from 5:30pm – 7pm
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6585 South Yale, Suite 200 • Tulsa, OK 74136
6th grade – 12th grade only
*Cost is only $10 and all proceeds go to NOAH Athletics

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Pistol Competition in Rolla, MO

Great Job NOAH Pistol Team!!


Our Oldest most experienced shooter, Daniel Terrill.


Our Youngest shooter, David Schaefer.


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