Parents & Student Athletes, Welcome to NOAH!

In March, 1998, 17 families met together to form an organization of volunteers that would

provide a basketball program for homeschool families in Northeast Oklahoma. The desire of those founding families was for NOAH to be an umbrella organization for all competitive sports serving Home schooled athletes. Since 1998, NOAH has experienced an explosion in growth and sports offerings! Today, those sports include:

Baseball Basketball Cheer Elem., JH & HS Tackle Football
Shooting Boys & Girls Soccer Girls Volleyball Tennis
Track Wresting

Because we are unapologetically a Christian organization, our Board Members, Athletic Directors, and Coaches are required to sign a Statement of Faith as well as a Code of Conduct. Prior to your season starting, you are encouraged to find time to visit with your coaches and the supporting staff that will be working with your child. It is vital that your family feels comfortable and confident prior to committing to the season. We want you to know that each coach has the best interest of all the athletes under his/her coaching, at heart. We are excited about what God is doing through NOAH and glad that your family is becoming part of it!

Go Jags!!
NOAH Board of Directors

NOAH Jaguars ‐ Athletes & Parents Handbook ‐ Revised Jan. 2016




NOAH serves the home school community of Northeast Oklahoma. Our objective is to bring glory to God through the gift of competitive athletics and to come alongside your family and encourage, uplift, and support you in your efforts to raise Godly young men and women through the platform of athletics


I. Student‐athletes must be home schooled to participate in NOAH athletic programs.

Home school is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent directed, as such parents shall be involved in their child’s education by assuming the role of principal or headmaster, thereby:

  • Setting the date and requirements for high school graduation.
  • Selecting and approving course material and study schedules
  • Selecting tutors, correspondence courses, videos, computer courses, and similar resources
    for their child’s education.

Students enrolled in a public and/or government funded educational program is not eligible for participation in NOAH athletics with the exception of concurrent post secondary education as stated below.

“It is understood that students may have the opportunity to take dual credit college courses (concurrent enrollment), particularly in their junior and senior years. NOAH encourages such enrollment by homeschooled students and the definition above shall not be construed to mean that such students are not home schooled if the participating college admitted the home schooled student as a high school student.”

  • Students are limited to no more that 6 credit hours of concurrent enrollment per semester.
  • There may be additional and /or different sport specific eligibility guidelines for end of the season, regional or national tournaments.  Please be sure to see the sport specific addendum to this handbook for further information concerning eligibility in those tournaments.

Where there is a question of eligibility due to the definition of home schooling, the NOAH board shall review the matter and render a decision in writing in a timely manner to the affected party.  The Board reserves the right to modify this policy / definition if needed, as the home schooling movement continues to grow and change.

II. Studentathletes must meet the below age guidelines:

After a student begins attending the seventh grade, that student generally is limited to participating in athletics during that school year and the five school years that follow consecutively after that school year. After a student begins attending the ninth grade, that student generally is limited to participating in athletics during that school year and the three school years that follow consecutively after that school year. A student must have completed the eighth grade to participate in high school athletic competition open to students in grades nine through twelve, unless approved to participate at that level by the NOAH Board of Directors. While an athlete may petition the Board to play at the high school level, only sub-varsity participation (e.g. junior varsity) will be allowed, and the Athletic Director of the sport must support the athlete playing at a higher level than their actual grade level, taking into account the effects on the athlete’s current grade level team and the sub-varsity team where they may be allowed to play.

In short

  • Elementary
    • Athlete must NOT be 13 years or older on September 1st of the current year.
  • Junior High
    • Athlete must NOT be 15 years or older on September 1st of the current year.
  • High School
    • Athlete must NOT be 19 years or older on September 1st of the current year.
    • Athlete must NOT have participated in any formal High School graduation ceremony.
  • Athlete shall NOT have participated in excess of 4 years of High School athletics.
    • An athlete who is 14 on September 1st of the current year has the option to participate in one more year of Junior High Athletics or participate in High School Athletics.
      • If the athlete is a multi-sport athlete, the option/declaration must include ALL sports
      • Once declared and participation begins, there is no reversal.
      • Declaration for participation in NOAH Volleyball must be made by June 15th for the coming year of competition.
      • Declaration for participation in all other NOAH sports must be made by August 1st for the coming year of competition.

III. Annual Physical Examination

NOAH requires all athletes to undergo an annual physical examination by a licensed medical practitioner.  If student athlete will be participating in more that one NOAH sports program then a copy of the physical examination must be submitted for each sports program in which the student athlete is enrolled.

IV. Student Athlete in Good Standing

  • Any student who transfers from a public school, Christian or Private school, or another home school team because of disciplinary reasons must wait one (1) year from the date of the dismissal before they are eligible to participate in any NOAH activity. If a parent wants to seek an exemption to this policy for their student athlete the parent must:
  1. Submit a written request of appeal to the NOAH board through the sports Athletic Director
  2. Appear before the NOAH board, if the board agrees to hear the exemption with the student athlete, athletic director, and coach(es)
  3. Submit to the NOAH board’s decision to approve or deny the exemption request.
  • All NOAH families must be in good financial standing, up to date and current with any past due NOAH fees prior to beginning a NOAH activity.
Type Description NOAH Eligibility Status
Public ISD (Independent School District) including homebound, Charter Schools, and Online Academies Educational program dictated by ISD and under State direction Ineligible
Public Online Diploma Programs, Distance Learning Educational Programs Educational programs dictated by a school with oversight of ISD or other accreditation commission  Ineligible
Private Schools, University Model Schools Education programs dictated by school with oversight of Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission (OPSAC) or like commissions  Ineligible
Community College, Tulsa Technology Center Educational Program dictated by the College under direction and oversight of the State Concurrent Enrollment limited to 6 credit enrollment hours per semester
Distance Learning Educational Programs Diploma tract educational programs dictated by a non-public school sponsor, classes directed nu parents at home  Ineligible
Distance Learning Educational Programs Non-Diploma tract educational programs dictated by a non-public school sponsor, classes directed by parents at home Eligible
Homeschool Tutorials Education programs dictated by parents and classes sometimes directed by parents in home or in another location Eligible
Private Schools* allowing Homeschool student enrollment Education programs dictated by school with oversight of Oklahoma Private Schools Accreditation Commission (OPSAC) or like commissions Eligible if student is enrolled part time.

*NOAH Board Approval

Enrichment Cooperatives Educational programs directed by parents Eligible
CEA Christian Education Alliance Eligible


NOAH Leadership, Coaches and Supporting Staff

Parents and other coaches can expect the following from NOAH Coaches and their supporting staff

  • To encourage each student athlete to live for the greatest cause of God’s glory rather than living for the next great comfort that comes along.
  • To seek to take the adversity and lessons of the GAME and teach lessons that will build character and enlarge the heart, mind, and body for real life.
  • To coach and care for your child as if he or she were our own.
  • To be a positive role model for your child.
  • To coach your child to be the best player that he or she can be.
  • To provide motivation for your child to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • To continually encourage your child “to do the right thing” at all times.
  • To promote an atmosphere of caring and respect.
  • To provide the discipline that it takes for your child to be a part of the team concept.
  • To respond appropriately to concerns.
  • To attend Church regularly.
  • To abide by NOAH Coaches Code of Conduct.



NOAH coaches and supporting staff, other players, and parents can expect from the player:

  • To be a good citizen – a player’s actions are a reflection of NOAH, the home school community, the coaches and your team.

A student athlete is expected to demonstrate first class behavior; you must be in control of your attitudes and actions and be willing to take full responsibility for them

  • To be UNSELFISH – In all you do, always look for ways to yield to and serve your teammates, not desiring or displaying self-centered or self-glorifying attitudes and/or actions
  • To be Caring – The concept of togetherness is the foundation of our team; a close meaningful relationship must exist between players and coaches.
  • To be a LEADER – Set positive examples by standing up for what is right and avoiding the use of drugs, steroids, alcohol, and tobacco. Displaying leadership characteristics by your actions in the following areas:
    • Practice Performance
    • Sportsmanship
    • Role Model
    • Courage & Loyalty
  • To be a GOOD STUDENT – A student athlete must main acceptable work in your academics while striving for the highest level of academic achievement. If you are not making your grades your will be expected to do whatever it takes to get caught up so the your academic failures do not harm yourself, the team, and your teammates.
  • To be a HARD WORKER & DISCIPLINED – The coaches will not tolerate half-hearted effort. This is a trait that is not inherited, it is learned.  You must learn to do what is right in all situations,  The coaches will teach and you must be willing to learn.

NOAH encourages all players to attend Church


NOAH coaches and supporting staff, players, and other NOAH families can expect from parents:

  • To volunteer and serve the program
  • To uplift, encourage, and support the coaches, team, and individual players
  • To be in attendance at all of your student athlete’s games that you possibly can.
  • To demonstrate and promote good sportsmanship
  • To take a stand against the use of the following by student athletes:
    • Illegal drugs
    • Steroids
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
  • To express your concerns in private to the appropriate coach and at the appropriate time
    • During or directly after a game or competition is not the appropriate time. Sleeping on it for a night is a good habit.
    • Always speak first to the one your concern is about or with
    • If you are unable to resolve the issue with your coach, then speak to the athletic director
    • If you, the athletic director, and coach are not able to reach an agreement then you may go to the NOAH board by written request. The request will be reviewed by the NOAH board and if accepted, a time will be set to meet
  • To not question coaches in regards to roster assignment, player position assignments and / or game-time play in a derogatory manner or inappropriate time.
  • To not condemn, complain, or criticize the coaches, players, team, or NOAH organization
  • To abide by the NOAH Parent’s Code of Conduct

NOAH encourages all families to attend church.


Players and coaches shall at all times represent themselves, and the NOAH organization with honor, proper conduct, and good sportsmanship.  Competitive rivalries are encouraged but disrespect for opponents lessens the value of the rivalries.  Confine the competitiveness of the contest to the field. Behave properly on the sidelines and in the locker rooms before and after the contest.  Players and coaches shall comply with the ruling of the officials.


  • A coach who is ejected from a NOAH contest must leave the premises immediately.
  • A coach who is ejected from a NOAH contest will automatically be suspended for, at least, the next NOAH contest.
  • The NOAH Board of Directors will review the report and any appeals. The NOAH Board reserves the right to uphold, overturn, or increase the suspension based on the findings
  • Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players. Some examples of intolerable behavior include:
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Not playing within the rules of the game
    • The use of profanity
    • Discriminatory slurs


  • Any player who is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct during a NOAH contest will automatically be suspended for, at least, the next NOAH contest.
  • Ejection of any player from any contest require a written official report from the Athletic Director, to be filed with the NOAH President and the Board of Directors within 24 hours of the ejection, detailing the incident.
  • The NOAH Board of Directors will review the report and any appeals. The NOAH board reserves the right to uphold, overturn, or increase the next contest suspension based on the findings.

Parents and Spectators

  • Any parent or spectator who acts in a disruptive or abusive manner will be asked to resolve the situation or be removed by a game official, host security, game administrator, or coach. Removal can result in future game suspensions and / or dismissal from NOAH organization.


Depending on the number of athletes, and the current structure of the sport, there may be a need for tryouts, especially at the high school level.  In the event of tryouts, some athletes will be selected to fill the team roster, while others will not.  This process will be the sole responsibility of the head coach supported by his or her assistants and the athletic director.  This selection of a roster is a very difficult, objective process with many variables taken into consideration, potential ability, commitment, and coachability are tops on the list, but no means exhaustive.  If an athlete is not invited / selected to the most competitive roster, the coaching staff and / or athletic director will seek to guide and direct the family to a level of play best suited for the athlete to grow and develop his or her skills.

With or without a tryout, once an athlete has been selected for a team roster, he or she will be given the privilege and opportunity to fill a role on the NOAH team.  Being extended the invitation to join a NOAH roster means that the coaches and supporting staff of that team recognize the ability, either potential or realized, for the athlete to develop into a competitive player.  By no means should the athlete or family construe the acceptance of this roster selection process as a guarantee to a starting position.  The head coach ma at anytime make roster changes based on the needs of the teams and the players he or she oversees.  Examples would not be limited to but may include moving a JV athlete up to a Varsity roster or a Varsity athlete down to a JV roster.


Competitive game time and player position assignments, like the roster selection process is a very difficult and objective process determined by the head coach and supported by his or her assistants and the athletic director.  Three primary criteria are taken into account in assigning player’s positions and awarding game time.

  1. The coaches evaluation of the athlete
  2. The needs of the team
  3. The desire of the athlete

If an athlete has question and / or concerns regarding position assignments and / or game time play, the athlete is encouraged to speak directly with his or her coach.


If at any time, a family decides or identifies that they have a child that would like to pursue the more competitive high school levels of competition with NOAH, it is highly encouraged that those families, in conjunction with the head coach, take advantage of any additional coaching, training, camps and instruction that the family can budget time and finances for.  Even at the competitive high school levels, NOAH is comprised of a completely volunteer coaching staff, which creates certain limitations in regards the needs of a highly competitive athlete or team.  As our program evolves and grows, NOAH continually seeks to find ways to offer additional coaching, training, camps and instruction.


NOAH encourages multiple sport involvement for those families that feel that they can mange their time and financial budgets wile benefiting from the great gift of sports.  Involvement and relationships that are built over consistent time, as well as the lessons in the humility and service to others are great benefits that your entire family will experience through your association with NOAH.

NOAH will always encourage the mindset of “finish what your start” and will never penalize or discriminate against a player / family for staying committed to a sport through the end of the season when the next upcoming sport overlaps.


NOAH is here to provide opportunities for athletics for home schooled students, and we want this to be done safely.  As such we ask our coaches to commit to get basic understanding of concussion and heat injury prevention.  We would also like our athletes and their families to review the information so that they recognize symptoms of concussions and heat injury before they result in a major problem.

For Athletes…

I will participate with all diligence, giving my best effort at all times by:

  • Attending required participants’ meetings, clinics, practices, and competitions and arriving on time.
  • Letting the appropriate coach know will ahead of time of any absences.
  • Refraining from harsh criticism of my teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials, speaking with respect to all adults.
  • Maintaining the required academic standards set by my parents.
  • Appealing concerns through the proper chain of command – my coach, then athletic director, then board of directors.
  • Playing fairly and following the rules of my sport during practice and competition.
  • Respecting facilities and equipment at home, while traveling, or at a host site; leaving them in as good or better condition that I found them.
  • Meeting my financial responsibilities in a timely manner. (No pay = No play)
  • Showing respect for myself and teammates by abstaining from alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, pornography, homosexuality and other sexual sins, and endeavoring to be a law abiding citizen.

Recognizing that I am a representative of NOAH, I will abide by the following standards including but not limited to:

  • I will dress myself modestly and honor the following dress code while representing NOAH.
    • No Tank Tops
    • No shorts, skirts, or dress shorter than 6 inches from the top of the knee.
    • No sagging pants or shorts
    • No sheer, clinging or tight fitting clothes
    • No inappropriate words of graphics on clothing
    • No extreme hair styles
  • NOAH does not approve of tattoos, body or facial piercings. Therefore all such must be removed or covered during any NOAH sponsored activity.
  • Out of respect for myself and others, I will refrain from inappropriate displays of affection towards individuals who are not members of my immediate family.
  • No cursing, coarse, or foul abusive language.

For Parents…

I will participate with all diligence, giving my best effort at all times by:

  • Attending the required parents meetings and seeing that my student athlete attends required participants meetings, clinics, practices, and competitions helping them to arrive on time.
  • Refraining from harsh criticism of the team, opponents, coaches, and officials, speaking with respect to all adults.
  • Assisting my student athlete to meet the NOAH Code of Conduct for Athletes.
  • Appealing concerns through the proper chain of command: the coach, then athletic director, then Board of Directors.
  • Accepting responsibility for the proper behavior of my student athlete. If I am unable to change inappropriate behavior, then I will remove my student athlete from participation in the organization so as not to be a detriment to other participants or the organization.
  • Respecting facilities and equipment at home, while traveling, or at a host site: leaving them in as good or better condition than I found them.
  • Meeting my financial responsibilities in a timely manner. (No pay = No play)
  • Participating in fund raising projects, and completing various tasks to help meet the needs of the organization.
  • Showing respect for myself by abstaining from excessive use of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, tobacco products, pornography, homosexuality and other sexual sins and endeavoring to be a law abiding citizen.
  • No cursing, coarse or foul or abusive language.

In the event that a judgment needs to be made concerning our activity, we will respect the determination of the NOAH Board of Directors.

You will need to fill these forms out and turn them into your coach.

2013 06 handbook forms