“Meat and Great” – NOAH Elem. Football

When: Tuesday, May 3rd (6pm – 8pm)
Where: Hunter Park (91st between Yale and Sheridan)
What: Informational Meeting with Free Hotdogs!
Who: Any Homeschool boy age 6-12 potentially interested in playing football with NOAH.
  • Opportunity to reconnect with teammates as well as meet new teammates.
  • Chance to communicate information and distribute paperwork
  • Early sign-ups
  • Encourage recruiting efforts, including free season passes to home games; one for each new player that signs up as a result of your referral.
I understand many of you are involved in other sports and will not be able to make it to this. That is fine, we will have other opportunities to get together and communicate this summer. No RSVP is necessary, but it will be helpful to have some idea of how many will be coming. if you know for sure you will be there or if you know you can’t make it, please let us know.  But, if your plans change or you simply forget to email, no big deal, just swing by we should have plenty of extras.  I hope to see you there.
Also:  Please notice that the 2015 highlight video is on YouTube now…
James Ballinger
NOAH Elementary Football
Head Coach